Tuesday, July 29, 2014

3rd Birthday Party - Circus Time

Well, its hard to believe but it has now come and gone. Our kids 3rd birthday that is. When Katie and I began this journey 3 and a half years ago we were told that the first 3yrs were going to be the most difficult. It seemed that everything we read said that it would so much tougher for us the first three years of their lives but it would begin to get easier around year 3. As I sit here, reflect on the past 3yrs and contemplate that statement I think that I have to agree. It is beginning to get easier. Now don't get me wrong, there are things that are more difficult for us. Back talk and having to punish those we love the most come to the forefront of my mind. That being said though, gone are the 24 hours sleepless periods. Gone are the constant supervision. And by constant supervision we literally had to watch them at all times so that they would not do something that could seriously hurt themselves. (I.E. stick a penny in the light socket like their father did) Gone is the constantly wanting to know what they are wanting b/c the could not communicate it. Gone are the days when I was so scared to take them anywhere by myself because I required so so much work and I wasn't confident I could do it. Gone are the wake up calls from crying children as often as 3-5 times a night. Gone are the having to literally feed all of them their food. All of those things those little actions that we had to take in order to care for our three angels are slowly going away or are completely gone as they begin to comunicate, learn to care for themselves and become self aware. Its crazy to think back to just 3years ago and remember the first months they were alive and how we were on 4 hour schedules for feeding and I kid you not when I say there were days, sometimes several in a row, where there was someone crying or needing something 24 hours of the day. I know we think bedtime is difficult now. And I guess it is compared to being able to just rock them to sleep and lay them down in their crib. However, it rarely takes us more than an hour and I'd say 5 out of 7 nights a week now all kids sleep through the night and until at least 5:30 the next morning. That is a DRAMATIC difference from where we were just a year ago when one of the three and several nights a couple of them would wake up crying at 11 and 1am and again at 3am. I admit I was not very good at the nights so that burden really fell on Katie. There were times she would literally be working on 3-4 hours of sleep over a 48-72 hour period. How she did it, I still have no idea. There are so many other examples of ways that our work load has begun to diminish and the fun is just beginning. Every day, whether it is in the morning or in the evening, I make a point to lay down on the floor and scream out "Who wants to wrestle!!!" Without fail I have three giggly smiley happy babies come running from whatever corner of the house they have been in and jump on my. It truly is the highlight of my day. Just this morning as I waited for Grace to get to the house I was tag teamed by Kade and Maggie while trying to watch the news in the living room. They would climb on my back and I would pull them off, roll them over and tickle them until they couldn't take it anymore. Then the next one would attach and I would repeat the above. It is so much fun. I have to admit, 3 may be more difficult in have to dicipline and the like but for whatever amount more difficult it will become with the talk back ect.. it will become ten time more joyous to watch them play, learn and take in this big beautiful world.
Happy Birthday Larkin, Maggie and Kade
Mommy and Daddy Love You Very Much!
Bitzy's Bites (Along with help from MB and LaLa) make these incredible Circus Cupcakes

Candy Station

Clown Momma, Bitzy and Berkley at the Circus

CrackerJack, Lolipops, Cupcakes, Peperments, Lemon Heads, Jelly Beans and lot of goodies on the candy table

The best we pick we could get :)

Lil Bit Loved her Bday

Gimme that present dada

Where is my present guys?

What is is Maggie?

Thanks everyone for coming out! It means a lot to us!!!

Uncle Dave, Aunt MB and Bitzy


Bean Bag Toss

Yummy Cupcakes!

Clown Kenzie

Backyard fun on the swing set

What is is Mimi and Deda?

Look what I got Mommy!

Bad Clown!

Sweet baby Welsley and Aunt Indie

It was this big daddy! (Notice Da in his normal position with the video camera)

Wilder loved the Jump House

Will, help me with the bulldozer please sir

Momma and clown Kenzie

Playing soccer with Uncle Wes and Wynn

I get you Kenzie!

Dad, come on in the waters fine :)

Thanks Andy and Dana for my awesome bulldozer

I love presents!

My little pony ya'll!

Play DOH!!!!

This red tractor is cool

Buy me some peanuts and crackerjack!
Thanks for the cupcakes Bitzy

Mommy and Maggie Moo


See what we were working with here???
P.S. - With all the crazyness that is our life I completly forgot to take pictures at the party. Thank goodness Katie and Kristin did take some. That being said, I want to apologize in advance that we were not able to get pictures of everyone. It is not because we do not love you. WE DO! It is because we live inside of a tornado and sometimes we miss some things. Thank you so much for everyone who came out, supported us, helped set up, helped clean up and who just loves us!!! You are all awesome

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